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French Horn Lessons
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  • A limited number of scholarships are available if there is financial need.

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  • COMING SOON -  Piano for Preschoolers. Pricing may varied compared to brass and vocal lessons...stay tuned!!!

Why take French Horn Lessons:
Students that play an instrument like French Horn tend to have MORE opportunites to play in the more advanced ensembles at school, better local youth symphonies, and can have opportunites to get stipends for college if they are at the right school, EVEN if they are NOT music majors!! My former students have experienced this!

Kids that are patient and study hard have an easier time playing French Horn, but all you have to have is the will to want to try and the aspiration to do your best or work hard!  Kids that have played any other instrument tend to have an easy time starting on horn but it is not required at all. I've taught kids learn to play horn with no musical background whatsoever, many times over! If you want to play a unique instrument that is almost always in demand, this is one of those instruments. French Horn gets the pleasure of playing in both Woodwind Quintets and Brass Quintets. Horn can also play jazz, musicals, band, orchestra, and whatever else you can imagine! 

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Samples of French Horn warm ups.
A couple pages of some of the warm ups I teach my French Horn students. Go ahead and download the PDF's! 

What are some benefits of taking music lessons?
1. Singing and playing an instrument has been shown to increase feelings of well-being and to improve self-esteem and social skills. Children learn to give and accept constructive criticism. Learning to perform in public is also a skill transferable to public speaking as they gain skills and proficiency on their instruments.

2. Participating in musical activities can improve literacy and numeracy skills, and memorization abilities. Learning to read notes and rhythm is related to reading, tracking while reading and mathmatics. Notation is music theory is the same kind of thinking that is required to do mathmatics. 

3. Learning proper technique leads to good habits and less strain or pain later. Learning good habits the first time is better then having to relearn them later.

4. Learning a singing technique, at any age, not only can enhance performance but also can reduce the risk of vocal strain. Instrumentalists that can sing their music develop a greater ear to play their instrument. Technique for singing is geared toward the individuals age and ability. Learning technique for instruments leads to more relaxed playing and better sound quality. Learning technique is making it playing and performing relaxed and easier in the long run. 

5.It develops physical skills, the acquisition of fine motor skills. Certain instruments, help children develop coordination, and fine motor skills; they require movement of the hands, fingers, arms, or feet. Learning to coordinate fingers and learn fingerings for instruments is a fine motor skill. Learning to blow air and make a sound in an instrument, finger an instrument, hold it and sit properly, requires muscle memory on an instrument, all while simultaneously reading notation. This requires coordinating many things simultaneously.

6.It helps children learn patience and discipline. Learning some instruments requires a learning curve, which is basically, delayed gratification. For example, with a brass instrument you must first learn to buzz your lips in the mouthpiece to make a sound. After finally developing this ability you begin to learn muscle memory, how to hold the instrument, where to put your hands, feet, etc. Practicing at home even for 10 minutes requires focused attention, and attention to detail. 

7.Playing an instrument has proven to be the one thing that utilizes every part of the brain simultaneously. It becomes like a full body work out. See example of this in an article.
Read my blog regarding more benefits of private music lessons.
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