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Lesson Prices
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French Horn Lessons 
Trumpet Lessons
Tombone and Baritone Lessons
Beginning Piano Lessons
Preschool Piano - Wunderkeys
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Monthly Payments are discounted for private students.

Weekly lessons are recommended and length is based on students age and level of ability.

Payment available through check, cash, Paypal or bank e-transfer.

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Individual lesson costs are based on length of lesson.

Individual Lessons are in these time increments:

30 minute lessons
45 minute lessons

60 minute lessons

Group Horn or Brass Lessons

Designed for 2-3 students are normally 40 minutes to 60 minutes in length.

Wunderkeys Preschool Piano Lessons
These are 20-30 minutes long for 1 student.
30 minutes for 2 students.


  1. French Horn Lessons
    Beginners have been taught from scratch all the way up to advanced students; Also I have taken kids who switch to horn from a variety of other instruments. I have taught adults that had about 20-30 years off from playing and they began playing with local community level groups. Because of the size normally it's 4th grade age through adults. But if their is an interest younger, it's based on individual case by case basis. College Preperation, audition preperation, music theory included with lessons. All levels, all ages. Private and group lessons available.
  2. Trumpet Lessons and Beginning Brass Lessons
    As a professional Horn player and teacher, I have also coached and taught private lessons for trumpet students and other brass instruments. I take them through beginning to intermediate levels as seems individually appropriate and refer them on as I deem necessary to many qualified colleagues. Brass pedagogy is similar for most brass instruments. I specialize in younger students, but am able to work with all ages. Trumpet, trombone, baritone. Beginning Brass Class could be available upon interest.
  3. Voice Lessons
    Specializing in young children who want to sing for fun, but teaching them basic vocal technique so they can learn to use their voice properly and not injure their vocal chords,while simultaneously learning how to read music properly, i.e. notes and rhythms. No younger than 8 years old normally, unelss deemed appropriate on individual basis. Learn how to use your air and breath control. Easy vocal warm ups. Sing fun songs. Learn how to read music. Coach other ages as seems appropriate.
  4. Beginning Piano and Preschool Piano
    Children that are familiar with ABC's and 123's can start. Learn notes and rhthms and where the notes are on the piano keyboard. Basics. Fun songs Preschool Piano includes Wunderkeys! Students that can tell me how old they are by holding up 2-3 fingers for that age may be considered for preschool lessons. Some lessons may be shortened to 20 minutes. Pricing will change. Small group lessons of 2 could be avaiable upon interest, and depending on children.